Chi Zhang’s Fashion Week Show Aboard the Intrepid

Elle Kyle is a producer at AMC

Up and coming designer Chi Zhang made his New York Fashion Week debut in a stunning show aboard the Intrepid two weeks ago.  Zhang launched his clothing line in 2007 and has steadily built a following in the years since.  His show was live streamed, and the AMC team was on site to provide WebCasting services for the show.

AMC brought a full crew aboard for this shoot.  Bill Milling produced the show and was on location as the Production Supervisor. Phil Fleischer doubled as the production’s Assistant Director and TriCaster operator, with Zack Breheney assisting with the TriCaster.  Arié Ohayon was the DP, and he led a seven-camera team consisting of Lou Blackmon, Loni Gest, Chris Lind, Jason Bergman, Govind Deecee, and Eduardo Torres.  RJ Yenesel served as the production Sound Mixer.  Jacob Getz, Laerke Roase Mollengard, and Pamela Hope were the production photographers, and Emma Broadbent shot behind the scenes footage.  Parm Girn and I were on site as Production Coordinator and Manager, respectively.

Zhang’s show took place in the Space Shuttle Pavilion on the Intrepid where, despite the exclusivity of the location, the show had a casual air.  During the runaway part of the show, the models danced to dubstep down a runway that circled The Enterprise shuttle.

Straps and gas masks were motifs throughout the collection.  Many of the models had straps wrapped around their arms or legs or hanging loose from their sleeves.  Several models sported gas mask graphics, and some wore actual gas masks.  The setting on an out of commission battleship coupled with both motifs contributed to a post-apocalyptic asylum theme.

The collection was casual, featuring many graphic sweatshirts.  Most of the female models sported these sweatshirts, which displayed Zhang’s slogan “King is Back,” and images of gas masks, among other graphics.  The male models wore long fur or leather coats without shirts underneath.  Both the male and female models wore sparse clothing on bottom, the men wearing speedo-like underwear or basketball shorts, and the women in short shorts or bikini bottoms.

Parm, something of a fashionista herself, particularly enjoyed the runway show.  We were both excited to see the collection, and I thought it was cool that the bulk of it was graphic sweatshirts, which are among my favorite clothing items.  🙂

In true AMC fashion, we had a great show!  The runway show got off without any trouble, and our camera crew got great footage of the models.  We were glad to have participated in such a fantastic show.  Stay tuned for our upcoming WebCasting events!

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