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Parm Girn is a producer at AMC

Weddings bring friends and family together to celebrate, but sometimes, not everyone can make it. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be a part of the big day! With professional WebCasting services and TriCaster technology, loved ones can have a view of the big day from the best angles, from their computers and smartphones!


The TriCaster contains the technology of several pieces of equipment in one box. For weddings, the TriCaster operator connects the box to cameras that are filming. The connection sends camera feeds to a computer where the operator controls the live stream by switching between different camera views.


4G bonded cellular services allows for events to be livestreamed from any location, even if there is no access to internet!


The TriCaster not only broadcasts events to the web in real time, it also enables control over who can view the WebCast. The event can be shared with only a few people with access to the content with a special password, or with the whole world! After the event, the operator provides footage of the livestream so it can still be viewed and shared.


At times when the cameras are off throughout the day (such as when a newlywed couple travels from the altar to the reception), viewers who are streaming the event can view images, video and other content. Simply provide the operator with any interactive content, and it will automatically be WebCast when cameras aren’t rolling through the duration of your wedding day.

American Movie Company’s experienced TriCaster operators are able to WebCast to any online platform. American Movie Company can provide you with a number of WebCasting platform suggestions and/or build a website for your streaming as well. Call us at 917.414.5489 or email bill@americanmovieco.com for more information!

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