Top 5 Reasons to WebCast Your Next Event

Prepping for the Say No to Fascism WebCast
Prepping for the Say No to Fascism WebCast
Elle Kyle is a producer at AMC.

Event planning can be a stressful task with lots of moving pieces to coordinate.  Why add WebCasting services to the list of things you are juggling?  Here’s why:


5. WebCasting allows you to share your event with people who are unable to attend in person.

Life happens.  Even if someone really wants to attend your event, there’s a chance some will not be able to.  People get sick, get stuck in traffic or get stuck babysitting a niece, nephew, or a sibling.  The point is, of course, some friends or family who really want to be there will miss out because… life happens!

Have no fear! WebCasting is here!  Those who can’t make it to your event can still experience it remotely through the power of the World Wide Web.  What about events that charge a fee? If you want to be selective about who can share, we can provide a password-protected link.  Now you can relax!

Prepping for the Say No to Fascism WebCast

4. Webcasting broadens your audience.

Even if the event is not aimed at a select number of people, proximity and convenience can give it a niche audience.  WebCasting is an easy and noncommittal way to explore new interests and topics.  If people can tune into your event from the comfort of their home, they’re more likely to participate even if it doesn’t fall into their main interests.


3. Webcasting can increase the impact of your event.

Given that WebCasting allows you to share your event with more people than can physically attend, and those who may not choose to physically attend, the impact of your event extends to a much bigger group of people.  Whether you’re promoting a cause, your brand or product, or new research, WebCasting is a quick and efficacious way to expand your influence.


2. WebCasting teams can preserve your event in a gorgeous, professional grade video.

Since your event is recorded to stream to your viewers, your WebCasting team has all of the footage.  AMC can give you the footage to edit yourself, or can edit it for you into a professional video.  This way you can share it with whomever you’d like whenever you’d like.

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1. AMC’s webcasting team is a blast to work with!

We’ve been in the business of WebCasting for 10 years and have all the equipment you need to ensure your event is captured in the best way possible.  We have the capacity for a shoot with up to 10 cameras and a range of TriCasters to choose from, depending on the scale of your event.  Our crew is the perfect blend of friendly with a sense of humor, and totally professional.  We guarantee that your WebCasting experience will be pleasant and run smoothly!


For more information about our WebCasting services, please visit our website.  AMC offers Teleprompter and Video Production Services, and a lot more!

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