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Our WebCasting New York services are virtually limitless.

Our WebCasting services range from fully produced TV broadcasting, complete with live switching, to Live Streaming in full HD from helicopters and vans, to bar/bat mitzvahs and corporate meetings. Services available anywhere in the New York State area. Feel free to call us from New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia or anywhere within 100 miles of NYC.
We love unique requests.

Our WebCasting service is among the best in the United States.

Here’s why: we own a NYC live streaming studio that obtains internet with virtually unlimited bandwidth via a gigabit fiber connection to the neighboring Google building. We can live stream in 1080p from almost any location, be it a rural field or airborne helicopter, and if that isn’t good enough, we offer 1080p streaming from a wide selection of aerial camera drones.
We accommodate every type of HD live production from a wide range of budgets; our broadcasts range from weekly NYC comedy shows to live TV, to bar mitzvahs. We even offer mid-roll advertisements and audience analytics. Finally, if WiFi fails, we offer HD live streaming LTE bonded cellular networks.
Our NYC live WebCasting services are truly the most accommodating and versatile.


Live Streaming Video

Multi-Camera Flypack | WebCasting

For Professional Video Streaming Services, call us at 212-219-1075

Live Stream in real time in HD with our lossless fiber optic cable.  SMPTE, Genlock, SDI Video & Audio, Tally & Remote Camera Control.

Real time HD WebCasting with lossless fiber optic cable.  SMPTE, Genlock, SDI Video and  Audio, Tally Lights,  Remote Camera Control.

Live Streaming Video using H.264 Viewcast encoder technology.  This is the same tech used by the Olympics and the NFL.

We can paint the cameras to ensure accurate color matching.

Satellite Van

Air-conditioned Mercedes Sat Van holds up to six crew members in professional, high tech working environment.

  • Satellite dish equipped with Paradise V Qflex modem.
  • 20MB/s bidirectional uplink/downlink capabilities.
  • 100 Watt Wavestream BUC Converter and Amplifier.
  • Aviwest ASI Encoder and Transmission.
  • Dual external antenna arrays.
  • 4G Bonded cellular backup path with 8 modems.
  • Choice of cameras.
Panasonic AG-HPX370 7” studio viewfinders and Fujinon rear zoom and focus controls
Sony EX3, Remote zoom and focus controls, Wide Angle Adaptor
Blackmagic 4K 24 to 70 Zoom, Rokinon 24,35,50,75 Primes,
Robotic PTZ Camera with 22X Zoom Panasonic AW-RP50 5-Camera Robotic Controller
Tripod & Dollies Fiber Cables 500’ Hybrid Optical Fiber Cables on Reels
NewTek TriCaster 8000
Live Stream 4Ru Flypack
NewTek Tricaster 850
NewTek TriCaster 455
NewTek TriCaster 40
Panasonic AV-HS410 HD-SDI 10-Input Switcher & Multiviewer
Blackmagic Teranex Up/Down/Cross Converter
Blackmagic Router 40X40 HD-SDI Video Router
Blackmagic 40x Videohub Smart Control
Blackmagic Duo Waveform Monitor
Panasonic TH50PF30UK 50 “True-Color” Plasma Display
Panasonic TH50PF30UK 50 “True-Color” Plasma Display
Newtek 3Play 425 4-Channel Instant Replay Slo-Motion System
ViewCast Niagara7550 H.264 MPEG4 Encoder
1604 VLZ3 Pro 16-Input Analog Audio Mixer
Sennheiser EW512G3 Wireless Mic Receivers Sennheiser Lav Microphones Lav Mics
Sennheiser MD42 Hand held microphone
Whirlwind 100’ Audio Snake with 8 x 4 Stage Box Genelec 8020 Speakers
Near Field Monitors Marshall AR-AM4-BG 4 Channel Audio Monitor with Meters Intercom Equipment
Sennheiser MD46 Hand held microphone
Clearcom CC300 Headsets for Camera Operators Clearcom RS701 Beltpacks
IFB System 4-Channels of IFB for cueing talent
Sennheiser AB120 Sports Announcer Consoles with IFB Sennheiser HDVC-600 Sports Announcers Headsets
Whirlwind 100’ IFB Snake 4-Audio
2 Video Terminal Equipment

Mini Flypack

TriCaster Integration | 2 Channel ClearCom
TriCaster Choices
NewTek TriCaster 8000
Live Stream 4Ru Flypack
NewTek Tricaster 850
NewTek TriCaster 455

We offer both LiveStream and TriCaster Flypacks.  Our Tricaster 8000 Rental has many advantages which our producer, Laura Wlliams demonstrates in the video to the left.

The Live Stream unit has the advantages of constant upgradeability.  Currently, our LiveStream Flypack unit can handle ten cameras and can be expanded to sixteen. Additionally, the LiveStream Flypack is user serviceable so we constantly upgrade it with the latest graphic cards, memory and motherboards.


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